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This is a new feature just added to Tolkien Forums.
Its a competition that works something like this:

A topic heading is presented for all to see. A Member of Tolkien Forums then must support there side of the topic in a well structured argument. So if the Topic is 'What is Tom Bombadil', a member must then present several paragraphs for what they think Tom bombadil is, supported with various quotes.

Topics will be things like the following:

What was Tom Bombadil?
Are the Dragons Maiar?
Do Balrogs have Wings?
How big is a Balrog?
What is Ungoliant?
Basically all the well debated subjects.

Various Users will then submit there arguments and we will judge them and the winning will have there opinion on one of the present subjects presented on a new page in a centre which will be set up (with there username).

Once we have a winner for a certain topic we will then move onto the next subject.


* Try to keep it no less than 20 lines of the 'filling in' box.
* No longer than 40 lines of the 'filling in' box (ideally midway between the guidlines)
* Quotes should be made to stand out in the box so when we judge them we know where they are and can Italics them etc.
* There is no need to contact us about your submitted answer. If you did not achieve victory you will know as you post will not have made the page.
* if you need help then you may contact me here -
Click Here
*Fill out the form below to have your post on the present topic viewed.

The Present Topic is ~ ~ ~

~None at present~

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