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The Age of the Valar

Below are two timelines. The first displays the history of the  Age of the Valar and of the Pillars of Light and ends with the creation of the Two Trees.
The second is a timeline of the Valinorean Years, the Years of the Two Trees, the First Count of Time. It ends with Coming of the Sun and Moon, the New count of Time, and the Age of the Two Trees and of the Stars is over.

Each year of the Valar, and likewise of the Two Trees, is about nine to ten Years of the Sun and Moon which came afterwards. Therefore ten Years of the Valar equals, roughly, ninety to a hundred Years of the Sun.

The Age of the Valar & The Age of the Lamps (approx.)

Ilúvatar creates Eä and Arda.
The Ainur enter the World.

War between Melkor and Manwë.

Tulkas the Strong comes to Arda.
Melkor flees.

Aulë makes the Two Lamps, Illuin and Ormal; they are set upon mighty pillars, in the North and South of Middle-earth.

The Spring of Arda.
The Valar make the Isle of Almaren.
Melkor gathers evil spirits from the vastness of Eä to his service.

Tulkas marries Nessa, Orome's sister.
Melkor returns in secret to the North of Middle-earth.
Building of Utumno begins.

Melkor attacks: the Ice melts and Illuin and Ormal are destroyed.
The symmetry of the Earth and Water is broken.
The Valar retreat to Aman, Melkor dwells in Utumno.

Making of the Two Trees

The Age of the Two Trees (in Valinor) & The Age of the Stars (in Middle-Earth)

The Valar create the Two Trees of Light, Telperion the Elder and Laurelin the Younger.

Aulë makes the Dwarves.

c. 1000
Varda begins kindling New Greater stars.

Varda finishes the star-making by kindling the Sickle of the Gods.
The Elves awake in Cuiviénen. They are harassed by Melkor.

Oromë discovers the Elves.
The first breeding of Orcs by Melkor.

1092 - 1099
The Battle of the Powers, the downfall of Utumno, and the Chaining of Melkor.

Melkor is doomed to spend three ages (300 Valinorean Years, 3000 Years of the Sun) chained in the Halls of Mandos.

The Valar decide to summon the elves to Valinor.

Ingwë, Finwë, and Elwë are brought to Valinor.

The Three Ambassadors return and convince the elves to follow them to Valinor.

The Great Journey begins. The Avari, the Unwilling, are sundered from the Eldar.

c. 1110
Awakening of the Dwarves.

The Eldar reach Anduin the Great and the Hithaeglir (Misty Mountains).
The Nandor forsake the march.

Awakening of the Ents.
The Vanyar and Noldor reach Beleriand.

The Teleri come into Beleriand.

Thingol (Elwë) meets Melian in Nan-Elmoth.

The Sundering of the Elves. The Vanyar and Noldor are brought West.

1133 - 1140
The Vanyar and Noldor arrive in Aman and build Tirion upon Túna and the Tower of Ingwë.
The Vanyar begin to depart for Valmar.

Yavanna gives unto the Noldor the White Tree Galathilion, image of Telperion.

Ulmo returns to Middle-earth to bring the Teleri to Aman, but Ossë persuades some to remain.
They stay on the coast of West Beleriand (Falas) and shall become the first mariners, having Círdan as Lord.

1150 - 1151
The Teleri are brought West and are stuck on Tol Eressëa.

Thingol awakes from the trance.

Ossë teaches the Teleri the art of shipbuilding.
The Teleri come to Valinor.
The Noontide of Valinor begins.

Olwë and the Noldor begins building Aqualondë.

The last Vanyar depart from Tirion.

Birth of Fëanor. His mother, Míriel, departs to the Halls of Mandos.
About this time the House of Finwë discovers earth-gems, and devises tools for their cutting and shaping.
Rúmil devises letters.

Finwë takes Indis, Ingwë's sister, as second wife.

Birth of Fingolfin.

Birth of Lúthien.

Fëanor marries Nerdanel.

Birth of Finarfin.
Birth of Maedhros.

Fingolfin weds Anairë.

Birth of Fingon.

Fëanor improves Rúmil's letters and creates the Tengwar script.
The descendants of Aulë's Dwarves come to the Ered Luin mountains and found Nogrod and Belegost.

Finarfin weds Eärwen daughter of Olwë.

Birth of Turgon.
Birth of Finrod.
The Runes of Daeron are designed.
Dwarves and elves build Menegroth of the Thousand Caves.

Wolves, Orcs, and other evil creatures roam in Beleriand. Menegroth is fortified against them.

The first of the orcs are encountered in Beleriand.

Denethor and the Nandor come to Beleriand and settle in Ossiriand.

Birth of Galadriel.

c. 1400
Durin founds Khazad-dûm.

Melkor is unchained.

Manwë gives Melkor freedom within Valinor.
Melkor feigns love for the Eldar, and many Noldor hearken to him and take delight in his teachings.
He begins to whisper lies to precipitate disputes between Fëanor and Fingolfin.

Fëanor begins the construction of the Silmarils.

The Three Silmarils of Fëanor are full-wrought, each enclosing the Lights of the Two Trees.
Fëanor and Fingolfin quarrel.

1450 - 1490
Melkor raises dissension among the sons of Finwë.
Fëanor makes a secret forge and tempers swords for himself and his Sons.
The rest of the Noldor divide their allegiances and forge weapons.

Fëanor, deceived by Melkor, threatens Fingolfin, and is banished from Tirion for 12 years.
Finwë, Fëanor and his sons leave Tirion and build Formenos secretly in the North.
Fingolfin stays in his father’s stead.
Melkor is sought by the Valar but cannot be found.

Melkor comes to Fëanor at Formenos and subsequently departs Valinor.
Melkor circles back to southern Aman and seeks the aid of Ungoliant.
Melkor can no longer assume other shapes and is bound in the form of the Tyrant of Utumno.

Darkening of Valinor and end of the Noontide:
Melkor and Ungoliant poison the Two Trees.
Melkor kills Finwë and steals the Silmarils.
Fëanor names Melkor 'Morgoth Bauglir', the Black Foe.
The Long Night begins:
Melkor and Ungoliant flee across the Helcaraxë and quarrel at Lammoth.
The Cry of Morgoth, and the flight of Ungoliant from the Balrogs.
Morgoth rebuilds Angband.
The revolt of the Noldor:
The Noldor leave Tirion.
The Battle of Aqualondë and the First Kinslaying.

The utterance of the Prophecy of the North and the Doom of the Noldor.
Finarfin returns to Tirion, and is there set to rule the remnant of the Noldor in Aman.

Melkor invades Beleriand; the first battle of the Wars of Beleriand.
Denethor is slain by orcs.
The Girdle of Melian is raised. 
Fëanor sails to Middle-earth and burns the ships of the Teleri at Losgar.

1497 - 1500
The Valar prepare the Moon and the Sun from the last Silver Flower of Telperion and the Golden Fruit of Laurelin.

Dagor-nuin-Giliath: Fëanor is slain and Maedhros captured.
Fingolfin marches over the Helcaraxe.

Fingolfin enters Middle-earth and unfurls his banners.
The Moon Rises.
End of the Long Night.
Beginning of the Second Spring of Arda.
The Moon crosses the sky seven times before the rising of the Sun and the End of the Ages of the Trees and of the Stars.