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Quiz eleven - loremaster

Is Minhiriath...
South of Arnor
North of Arnor
South of Hollin
North of Lindon
Roughly which year did the eighth king of Arnor die?
T.A. 762
T.A. 861
T.A. 1031
T.A. 1292
Meneltarma was roughly how many miles from the nearest western shores of Middle-earth?
Roughly what year was Angmar sent north from Dol-guldur to attack the realm of Arnor?
T.A. 1050
T.A. 1490
T.A. 1375
T.A. 800
Who was the last king of Gondor before the Stewards ruled?
Name the two Towers of Teeth at the Morannon.
Ephel Duath and Ered Lithiu
Ered Luin and Cirith Gorgor
Carchost and Narohost
Nagrod and Belegost
There are three layers between the earth itself and Kuma. Name them.
Vaiya, Olore, Ilmen
Olore, Vista, Ilmen
Vista, Ilman, Vaiya
Olore, Ilmin, Vista
What was the dreaded land slightly south of Thangorodrim called?
Dor Daedeloth
Marshes of Nevrast
Ered lomin
What are the Pinnath Gelin?
White Mountains
Red Hills
Hills of Scary
Green Hills
Tar-Minastir went to Middle-earth from Numenor in what year?
S.A. 1700
S.A. 1800
S.A. 1950
S.A. 1640