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Quiz twelve - loremaster

In what year was Gollum taken captive by Sauron?
T.A. 3012
T.A. 3020
T.A. 3017
T.A. 3070
Roughly how many miles were the Ered-Lithai from the Black Gate in the west to their end in the east?
Which river flows past the House of Elrond?
River Celebrant
River Bruinen
River Nimrodel
River Celduin
In what year did Minas Ithil fall into the Enemy's control?
T.A. 1706
T.A. 1975
T.A. 2190
T.A. 2002
In what year did Smaug the Golden descend on Erebor out of the North?
T.A. 2770
T.A. 2495
T.A. 2841
T.A. 1909
In what year did Balin attempt to re-take Moria?
T.A. 2009
T.A. 2989
T.A. 2794
T.A. 3001
The River Greylin flows down from which mountain range?
Ered Mithrim
Ered Luin
Ered Nimrais
Ered Wethrin
The Emyn-nu-fuin are the...
Weather Hills
Mountains of Mirkwood
Tower Hills
Hills of Scary
The River Carnen joins with which other river?
River Langflood
River Gladden
River Celduin
River Anduin
The Emyn Uial are the...
Weather Hills
Hills of Evendim
Hills of Scary
Tower Hills