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The Elder Days

This timeline begins with the First Age, the Elder Days, when Fingolfin marched into Middle-earth and unfurled his banners. It ends with the defeat of Morgoth and the Drowning of Beleriand.

Now come the Years of the Sun and Moon which are roughly equal to one tenth of each Valinorean year.

The Annals Of The Elder Days The First Age of the Sun: 1-590

Fingolfin and his host reach Endor - Middle-Earth.
First Rising of the Moon and the Sun.
The Men awake in Hildórien.
Fingolfin leads his people to Mithrim.
The Fëanorians remove to the southern shores of the lake.

Fingon rescues Maedhros and heals the division between the Noldor.

Maedhros cedes the High Kingship and rule of Hithlum to Fingolfin.
Angrod visits Thingol in Doriath and returns bearing Thingol's welcome and recognition of the Noldorin realm in Hithlum.
Thingol formally cedes lands to the Noldor.

About this time, the Fëanorians move to East Beleriand.
Finrod and his brothers establish themselves in Dorthonion and the Vale of Sirion about Tol Sirion.

Finrod establishes Minas Tirith on Tol Sirion.
The March of Maedhros is established in East Beleriand.

Fingolfin holds Mereth Aderthad at Eithel Ivrin.
Círdan swears oaths of alliance with Fingolfin and Finrod.
Thingol sends Mablung and Daeron; also many Laiquendi go to Mereth Aderthad.

About this time, Caranthir's people meet the Dwarves of Ered Luin.
Finrod and Turgon, warned by Ulmo to build cities impregnable to Morgoth, travel together in search of ideal places.

Thingol reveals the location of the caverns of Narog to Finrod.

Ulmo reveals the hidden valley of Tumladen to Turgon.

Galadriel tells Melian about the Silmarils.

The Dagor Aglareb upon Ard-galen.
A huge legion of Orcs attacking Dorthonion and Maglor’s Gap is crushed between the forces of Fingolfin and Maedhros, who assail it simultaneously, destroying Morgoth’s armies.
The Noldor establish a tight siege of Angband which lasts nearly 400 years.

Círdan sends messengers to Thingol concerning the rumors about the Kinslaying at Alqualondë.
Thingol confronts the sons of Finarfin about the Kinslaying and Angrod tells him the entire story of the Noldorin Exile.
Thingol bans Quenya throughout Beleriand and forbids the Noldor entry into Doriath but keeps friendship with the sons of Finarfin.

Finrod's people rebuild Eglarest and Brithombar, erecting defensive walls around them.
Finrod's people also build Barad Nimras and explore the Isle of Balar.

Gondolin is completed and Turgon takes up rule there, leaving Nevrast.

The battle in the Firth of Drengist.
Morgoth probes the defenses of Hithlum by sending a brigade of Orcs around it to attack from the west. Fingon falls upon them at the Firth of Drengist and drives most of them into the Sea.

Glaurung's first rampage is stayed by Fingon.

Birth of Balan, later known as Bëor the Old, probably in Eriador.

Birth of Marach (probably in Eriador).

Birth of Baran, elder son of Balan, later known as Bëor the Young, in Eriador.

Birth of Belen, younger son of Balan, in Eriador.

Birth of Malach Aradan in Eriador.

Birth of Imlach, son of Marach, in Eriador.
Finrod meets Balan's people (the Bëorians) in Ossiriand.
The Laiquendi ask Finrod to lead the Bëorians away from Ossiriand.
The Bëorians settle in Estolad and the Nandor of Arthórien cease to cross the Aros.

The Haladin enter Ossiriand and the Laiquendi drive them north.
Balan accompanies Finrod to Nargothrond.
Baran becomes chieftain of the Bëorians.

The Haladin settle in southern Thargelion.

The Marachians pass by Ossiriand on their way to Estolad, where they settle close to the Bëorians.

Birth of Boron, son of Baran, in Estolad.
Birth of Haldad, first Lord of the Haladin, in Thargelion.
About this time, the Bëorians and Marachians begin to migrate north to Dorthonion.
Finrod consults with Thingol concerning the Edain.
Thingol bars the Edain from Doriath and southern Beleriand.
Fingolfin sends messengers to welcome the Edain to Beleriand and Malach Aradan comes to Hithlum.
Also, from about this time, some of the Marachians begin to settle in Hithlum.
Celegorm and Curufin visit Caranthir.

Birth of Beldir, son of Belen, in Estolad.
About this time, Aredhel leaves Gondolin and visits Celegorm's people.

Birth of Baranor, younger son of Baran, in Estolad.
Aredhel gets lost and meets Eöl. He takes her as wife.

Birth of Maeglin.

Malach Aradan enters the service of Fingolfin.

Malach returns to his people and leads many west.

Birth of Amlach, son of Imlach.
Malach weds Zimrahin and she takes the name Meldis.

Birth of Boromir, elder son of Boron, in Estolad.

Birth of Belemir, son of Beldir, in Estolad.
Birth of Adanel, daughter of Malach and Meldis.

Birth of Belegor, younger son of Boron, in Estolad.
Birth of Bereg, son of Baranor.

Birth of Magor, son of Malach and Meldis.
Births of Haleth and Haldar, twin children of Haldad.

Death of Bëor the Old.

Birth of Bregor, son of Boromir.

About this time Magor and many Marachians settle in the Vale of Sirion near the sources of Teiglin.

Birth of Andreth, elder daughter of Boromir.

Birth of Hathol, son of Magor.
Birth of Beril, younger daughter of Boromir.

About this time, the Council Of The Edain is held in Estolad.
Amlach returns too late to participate but learns he has been impersonated.
Bereg leads 1000 Bëorians south and out of Beleriand.
Amlach of the Marachians takes service in Maedhros' host.
Many of the Marachians of Estolad leave Beleriand and return to Eriador.

Birth of Haldan, son of Haldar, in Thargelion.

Birth of Beren, son of Belemir and Adanel.

Orcs raid Thargelion, slaughtering many Haladin.
Haldad gathers a remnant of his people at the confluence of the rivers Ascar and Gelion.
Haldad and Haldar slain in battle.
Haleth assumes leadership of her people.
Caranthir rescues the Haladin but Haleth leads them to Estolad.

Death of Marach in Estolad.
Imlach probably assumes the leadership of the Marachians in Estolad.

Death of Baran.

By this time, many of the Bëorians are living in Ladros, and Andreth has probably met Aegnor and fallen in love with him.
The Haladin settle in Brethil. Finrod intercedes for them with Thingol.
Haleth becomes first Warden of Brethil.

Birth of Bregil, eldest daughter of Bregor.

Birth of Hirwen, second daughter of Bregor.

Birth of Hador in the Vale of Sirion.
Birth of Halmir, son of Haldan, in Brethil.

Birth of Bregolas, elder son of Bregor.

Birth of Gilwen, youngest daughter of Bregor.

Death of Malach.

Imlach probably dies about this time, and Amlach succeeds him.

Birth of Barahir, younger son of Bregor.

Aredhel and Maeglin reach Gondolin.
Curufin meets with Eöl at Aros. Eöl follows Aredhel and Maeglin to Gondolin and kills Aredhel. Eöl is executed.

Death of Boron.

Birth of Emeldir, daughter and third child of Beren.

Brandir, son of Arachon and Bregil, is born.

About this time, Finrod debates with Andreth, as is told in "Athrabeth Finrod ah Andreth".

Finrod makes Boromir, great-grandson of Bëor, the first Lord of Ladros.
About this time Hador enters the service of Fingolfin.

Birth of Beldis, daughter of Arachon and Bregil.

Birth of Haldir, elder son of Halmir.

Birth of Glóredhel, daughter of Hador.

Birth of Galdor the Tall, elder son of Hador.
Birth of Bereth, daughter of Bregolas and ancestress of Erendis of Númenor.

Birth of Hundar, younger son of Halmir.

Birth of Gundor, younger son of Hador.

Birth of Baragund, elder son of Bregolas.
Birth of Hareth, daughter of Halmir.
Death of the Lady Haleth, the Haladin raise Tûr Haretha and Haldan becomes the Warden of Brethil.

Fingolfin grants the lordship of Dor-lómin to Hador and most of the Marachians settle there.

Birth of Belegund, younger son of Bregolas.

Birth of Hiril, daughter of Halmir.

About this time Barahir weds Emeldir.

Birth of Beren, son of Barahir.
Death of Boromir.
Bregor becomes Lord of Ladros.

Haldir, grandson of Haldan, marries Glóredhel, daughter of Hador, and Hareth his sister marries Galdor son of Hador.

Birth of Húrin Thalion, elder son of Galdor.
Birth of Handir, son of Haldir.

Birth of Morwen Eledhwen, daughter of Baragund.
Birth of Hunleth, daughter of Hundar.

Birth of Huor, younger son of Galdor.

Birth of Hundad, son of Hundar.

Death of Bregor and Bregolas becomes Lord of Ladros.

Birth of Rían, daughter of Belegund.

About this time Húrin and Huor probably arrive in Brethil to be fostered by Haldir.

Death of Haldan and Halmir becomes Warden of Brethil.

The Dagor Bragollach.
Deaths of Angrod, Aegnor, Hador and his son Gundor, and Bregolas. Galdor becomes Lord of Dor-lómin.
Fingolfin challenges Morgoth to single combat and is slain. Fingon becomes High King of the Noldor.
About this time the Edain of Estolad flee Beleriand and return to Eriador.
Barahir rescues Finrod, who gives him a ring in token of friendship. Barahir becomes the last Lord of Ladros.
Most of the surviving Bëorians enter Dor-lómin.
Aegnor's people flee to Himring and Angrod's folk flee to Nargothrond or the Falas.
The Sindar of Dorthonion settle in Nargothrond or flee to Doriath, the Falas, and Eriador.
Maglor joins Maedhros on Himring.
Caranthir is driven out of Thargelion and Amrod and Amras flee from Estolad.
Celegorm and Curufin abandon the Pass of Aglon, help Orodreth in Tol Sirion and lead their people to Nargothrond.
The Laiquendi give aid to the Fëanorians upon Amon Ereb.

Húrin and Huor are cut off from the Haladin and lost.
Death of Gundor.

Húrin and Huor are brought to Gondolin.
Sauron conquers Tol Sirion.
About this time, the last Beorian families flee Ladros under Emeldir the Man-hearted's leadership and Barahir with his remaining warriors becomes an outlaw. The Beorian refugees emigrate to Brethil, but only a few remain there.
The Orcs begin to assail the marches of Doriath.

Thingol sends Beleg with an army to aid the Haladin.
About this time, the second wave of Bëorians reaches Hithlum by way of Brethil.
Húrin and Huor are brought to Dor-lómin by Thorondor.

Turgon sends companies to the Mouths of Sirion to build ships and seek for Valinor.
Turgon's mariners reach Balar but go no further.
About this time, the first Easterlings enter Beleriand.
Maedhros makes alliance with the people of Bór, settling them in Lothlann, and Caranthir makes alliance with the folk of Ulfang, settling them in southern Thargelion.

Sauron finds and slays Barahir's outlaws.
Beren dwells alone in Dorthonion.

Orcs attack Hithlum in the north and east.
Death of Galdor the Tall.
All of the Marachians of Dor-lómin are mustered for war but many don't see battle.
About this time, more Bëorians settle in Dor-lómin, having passed through Brethil.
Círdan sends aid to Fingon by sea.

About this time Húrin weds Morwen Eledhwen.

Birth of Túrin, son of Húrin and Morwen.

Beren flees Dorthonion and reaches Doriath, falling in love with Lúthien Tinuviel.
Thingol sends Beren on the Quest of the Silmaril.
Lúthien flees Doriath to find Beren.
Daeron is lost during the search for Lúthien.
Birth of Brandir the Lame in Brethil.

Birth of Lalaith, elder daughter of Húrin and Morwen.
Beren goes to Nargothrond.
Finrod accompanies Beren on his quest.
Lúthien is imprisoned in Nargothrond.

Death of Finrod.
Orodreth becomes King of Nargothrond.
Lúthien rescues Beren.
Many Elves escape the ruin of Minas Tirith and return to Nargothrond.
Celegorm and Curufin are driven out of Nargothrond, but Celebrimbor and their people stay.
Celegorm and Curufin return to Himring.
Beren and Lúthien return to Doriath.
Carcharoth enters Doriath.
Beren weds Lúthien.
Deaths of Beren, Carcharoth, and Lúthien.
Birth of Hunthor, elder son of Meleth, in Brethil.

Maedhros begins to form his Union.
More Easterlings are brought west by the sons of Bór and Ulfang.
About this time, Fingon joins the Union.
About this time, Círdan joins the Union of Maedhros and the Haladin of Brethil join the Union.

Illness in Dor-lómin.
Death of Lalaith.
Beren and Lúthien are restored to life in Doriath but leave for Ossiriand, settling on Tol Galen.

Maedhros recovers the Pass of Aglon and Dorthonion.

Birth of Manthor, younger son of Meleth and Agathor, in Brethil.

Birth of Dior on Tol Galen.
Birth of Hardang, son of Hundad, in Brethil.

Death of Halmir and Haldir becomes Warden of Brethil.

The Nirnaeth Arnoediad:
Most of the Marachian warriors are slain. Húrin is captured and taken to Morgoth.
End of the Kingdom of Hithlum. Turgon becomes High King.
Some of Fingon's soldiers escape to Gondolin.
Himring is lost and the Fëanorians flee to Ossiriand.
Many of the Falathrim are lost. Fugitives from Hithlum reach the Falas. Círdan's ships harry the coasts.
Deaths of Fingon, Haldir, and Hundar.
Handir becomes Warden of Brethil.
Mablung aids three surviving Haladin, who return to Brethil.
Morwen sends Túrin to Doriath, where Thingol fosters him.
Birth of Tuor. Death of Rían. Tuor is fostered secretly by Grey-elves in the Caves of Androth in Mithrim.
Death of Glóredhel.

Birth of Nienor, younger daughter of Húrin and Morwen.
Morgoth armies come down the coasts and the rivers Brithon and Nenning.
Brithombar and Eglarest are besieged and taken.
Círdan flees to Balar and establishes a haven at the Mouths of Sirion.
Many Elves of Hithlum and the Falas reach the southern coasts.
Barad Nimras is taken.

Turgon asks Círdan to build seven ships, which are sent to look for Valinor.
Birth of Dior Eluchíl on Tol Galen

Túrin joins Beleg on the northern marches.

Túrin flees Doriath after Saeros' death. Beleg follows Túrin.

Túrin arrives in Nargothrond.

Voronwë sets sail in the last of the seven ships.
Tuor enslaved by Lorgan.

Annael leads the last of his people to Arvernien.
Beleg returns to Doriath briefly.
Death of Beleg.

Tuor escapes thraldom.

Ulmo warns King Orodreth to throw down the new bridge across the River Narog, to shut his city's gates, and to keep his army safe behind them. Turin persuades the King to pay no heed to Ulmo's counsels.

Morwen and Nienor flee Hithlum and settle in Doriath.

Tuor leaves Hithlum.
Círdan dispatches Gelmir and Arminas to warn Orodreth not to go to open war.
The Battle of Tumhalad. Deaths of Orodreth and Finduilas. The Kingdom of Nargothrond is destroyed.
Ereinion escapes to the Isle of Balar.
About this time, Brethil comes under attack. Death of Handir. Some of the Haladin flee south from Brethil to the woods of Arvernien.
Brandir the Lame becomes Warden of Brethil.
About this time Brandir establishes Ephel Brandir on Amon Obel.

Ulmo orders Tuor to seek out Gondolin and deliver his message; saves Voronwe, a mariner of Gondolin, to guide him there.
Thingol has Dwarves from Nogrod set his Silmaril in Nauglamir.
Tuor repeats to King Turgon Ulmo's counsel to abandon Gondolin and take its people to the Mouths of Sirion. Turgon refuses to leave the city.
Túrin returns to Dor-lómin and slays Brodda.
Thingol sends Mablung after Morwen. Morwen and Nienor are lost.
Túrin and Nienor are married and settle in Brethil.
Voronwë brings Tuor to Gondolin.
The hidden door is sealed up.

Dior weds Nimloth of Doriath.

Túrin begins to lead the Haladin in battle.

Glaurung invades Brethil.
Deaths of Túrin, Glaurung, Nienor, Brandir, Dorlas, and Hunthor.
Hardang becomes Warden of Brethil.

Morgoth frees Húrin, who visits Brethil and leads many outlaws away. Death of Morwen.
Deaths of Hardang, and Manthor; end of the Line of Haldad. Avranc becomes Warden of Brethil.
Births of Eluréd and Elurín, twin sons of Dior and Nimloth, on Tol Galen.

Húrin gives the Nauglamír to Thingol.

Tuor and Idril are married.
Dwarves of Nogrod slay Thingol. Melian departs.
Army of Nogrod sacks Menegroth. Death of Mablung.

Death of Húrin.

Birth of Eärendil in Gondolin.
Birth of Elwing in Tol Galen.
Battle of Sarn Athrad.
Beren recovers the Nauglamír and Silmaril.

Dior leaves Tol Galen and restores the Kingdom of Doriath.
Deaths of Beren and Lúthien.
The Laiquendi send the Nauglamír to Dior and the Fëanorians claim it.

The Fëanorians attack Doriath:
Deaths of Dior and his sons, Nimloth, Celegorm, Caranthir, and Curufin.
End of the Kingdom of Doriath.
Many of Doriath's survivors, including Elwing, flee to Arvernien, taking the Nauglamír with them.

Ulmo sends a last warning to Gondolin.
Maeglin is captured by Morgoth and betrays Gondolin.

Fall of Gondolin.
Morgoth surprises and overthrows Gondolin, aided by treacherous information from Maeglin. Turgon and Maeglin perish.
Glorfindel slays a Balrog in the Encircling Mountains, and is himself slain. Ecthelion slays, and is also slain, by Gothmog, Lord of Balrogs. Tuor leads Idril, Eärendil, and the other survivors safely through perils to the Mouths of Sirion.

The survivors of Gondolin join the survivors of Doriath.
Tuor becomes the lord of Arvernien.

From this time forward some of the Marachians escape thraldom and make their way to Arvernien.

Tuor builds the ship Eärráme and sails west with Idril and Voronwë.
Eärendil becomes lord of Arvernien and weds Elwing.

Elrond and Elros are born.

Eärendil begins his voyages.

The Third Kinslaying at the Havens of Sirion.
Deaths of Amrod and Amras. Some Fëanorians abandon their lords.
Elwing casts herself into the sea with the Nauglamír. Ulmo gives Elwing the wings of a seabird, and she flies to Vingilot. Elros and Elrond are taken captive by Maglor and Maedros in the battle.
Lighted by the Silmaril, Eärendil is able to reach Valinor. Before the assembled Valar he is granted the pardon, pity, and help for Elves and Men he pleads for.

Vingilot is hallowed and lifted up into the sky, steered forever by Eärendil wearing the Silmaril on his brow: the Morning and Evening Star.

The last free Elves and Men of Beleriand flee to Balar.

War of Wrath.
Many Elves and Men take refuge in Ossiriand as Balar and Beleriand sink under the Sea.
The Haladin and the Edain of Dor-lómin join in the War of Wrath.

Morgoth is seized, bound, and thrust out of Arda in permanent exile.
The whole of Beleriand, right up to the Ered Luin mountains, is overrun by the Sea.
Maedhros and Maglor seize the Silmarils from Eönwë's camp.
Maedhros despairingly throws himself and his Silmaril into a fiery crevice in the Earth. Maglor pitches his Silmaril far out into the Great Sea.
The Edain are rewarded by the Valar with long life. They settle in Lindon and take Elros for their King.

Many Elves take ship for the Undying Lands; others prefer to cross the mountains and dwell on the wide continent of Middle-earth lying behind it.

End of the First Age of the Sun.