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What is and how do I use the Knowledge Centre?

The Knowledge Centre is a selection of quizzes ranging in difficulty level for members to test themselves.
The Knowledge Center contains 12 different quizes - 3 beginner, 3 experienced, 3 advanced and 3 loremaster.
Select the one which corresponds to your difficulty level (each quiz says which book and how much knowledge is required for that test next to it). There are 10 questions in each. Once you have finished and have checked your answers click 'Submit' and you will be directed to the answer page for that test. Then you may either go back to the Knowledge Centre to do another quiz or go to the Tolkien Forums homepage.

What is the Ranking system?

Tolkien Forums provides a ranking system for members. As your post count increases on the forums you will upgrade rank.
As you upgrade to the high ranks you'll get custom avatars and some privileges.
Go to the Ranking Kingdoms page to join a Middle-earth kingdom!

How do I choose a Ranking Kingdom?

You can choose a Ranking Kingdom very easily. It's recommended to do this as soon as you have registered.
Simply go to the Ranking Kingdoms
page and choose a kingdom you would like to belong to. The choices are:

  • Slaves Of Udun
  • Elves of the Third Age
  • Dwarves
  • Servants of Mordor
  • Hobbits of the Shire
  • Gondor civilians
  • Peoples of Rohan
  • Peoples of Beleriand
  • Men of Numenor

Then scroll down to the 'Select your Kingdom' link and you will be directed to the Kingdom selection page. fill in the form and within the following day or two your Kingdom will appear under your username on youir forum profile.

How many posts do I need to upgrade Rank?

Here are the posts required for each rank in a Kingdom:

Posts          Rank
0          =    Rank 1
30        =    Rank 2
70        =    Rank 3
150      =    Rank 4
400      =    Rank 5
800      =    Rank 6
1200    =    Rank 7
1700    =    Rank 8
2200    =    Rank 9
3000    =    Rank 10

Can I use the avatars for high ranking members for my profile on the Forums?

The simple answer is - no. Otherwise there would be no purpose in them. The High Rank avatars, Special Side-Rank avatars as well as the Valar and Maiar avatars are off-limits for general use on the forums.

What privileges do High Rank members get?

High Rank members get additional privileges over standard members. To see a full account please visit the Ranking Kingdoms page.
Here is a rough guide however:

  • Members Rank 8 (usually) and above receive a custom avatar.
  • Rank 9 members and above get to access to some Private forums (forum for just Valar/Maiar, Special ranks etc are out of bounds). To see what forums High Rank members can access see the description below each Forum.

  • Rank 10 members have the privilege to edit any post (excluding Maiar/Valar posts).

What are Special Ranks?

Special Ranks are appointed to a few members deemed particularly worthy. They have the same amount of powers as Maiar and can access ALL forums including Valar/Maiar forums). They also receive a custom avatar. They are appointed by The One.

What is the link directory?

The Links Directory is a list of Tolkien-related websites suggested by the Tolkien Forums members themselves! Other Tolkien-related website owners can submit their website for inclusion.

How do I suggest a Link?

If you would like to suggest a link for inclusion in the directory visit the Links Directory - and scroll down to the form. Fill in all the details then click 'Submit'.  Once we have received a link on the suggested site for Tolkien Forums we will then include the suggested link in the directory for all to see.

What are the Polls and how often are they changed?

On the homepage you will find a Poll, which can also be accessed via the forums navigation bar. These are changed every few weeks  If you have a Poll suggestion enter them in the Feedback page.