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"Therefore he willed that the hearts of Men should seek beyond the world and should find no rest therein; but they should have a virtue to shape their life, amid the powers and chances of the world, beyond the Music of the Ainur, which is as fate to all things else; and of their operation everything should be, in form and deed, completed, and the world fulfilled unto the last and smallest."
~ The Silmarillion

Below are a variety of detailed Timelines recording the History of Arda, from the Ainur's first descent, to the latest details of the Fourth Age. The History of the Third Age is contained within three parts due to its vastness. The Fourth Age is listed seperately.

The Age of the Valar and of the Trees of Light

The First Age, The Elder Days

The Second Age

The Third Age - Part l          The Third Age - Part ll

The War of the Ring

The Fourth Age

Timelines created by Mark McQuillen aka 'Erestor' of Tol EressŽa